Cutbacks at the ER

Posted by Hank Sims on Sun, Dec 2, 2007 at 8:52 AM


Chris Durant and Kimberly Wear outside Times-Standard headquarters this morning. Photo: Al Eisenstadt.

The war may not be over, but the Eureka Reporter 's big announcement this morning is pretty much as expected -- a five-day-per-week publishing schedule and a bumped-up website. The days of fancy paper are long gone.

Can the ER make it on its own? We're going to find out.

Meanwhile, note the balls-out editorial in today's Times-Standard , which unless I'm mistaken takes the Tom Herman and John Campbell conflict-of-interest cases even farther than the Humboldt Watershed Council does.

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1. The ER fades to black.
2. Herman and Campbell give it up.
3. Rob and Cherie re-locate.

Posted by In five years: on 12/02/2007 at 1:42 AM

Geez... the ER sure wants a lot of personal info just to receive the ePaper.

Posted by Mike Buettner on 12/02/2007 at 8:32 AM

So what was born of a slightly unhinged tycoon's desire to "destroy" (an operative word in his lexicon) the Times-Standard more or less over not endorsing his wife for mayor in '02 now sees the beginning of the end, when it becomes clear that having a high-overhead newsroom cannot fill the coffers with money nor the soul with unfettered bliss. Better to just hold on to the press in Fairhaven and just have a website, which, appropriately is how the whole ephemera that is, or was, the Eureka Reporter came into this world anyhow.

Posted by Stephen Glass on 12/02/2007 at 9:07 AM

Geez… the ER sure wants a lot of personal info just to receive the ePaper.

Yeah, I noticed that. Guess moving into the world of the internet includes gathering a detailed list of readers.

Posted by Heraldo on 12/02/2007 at 9:36 AM

I filled out the form, but I refused to answer the question about tattoos and birthmarks.

Posted by Carson Park Ranger on 12/02/2007 at 9:54 AM

What was the point of asking if I had fasted for at least 12 hours before filling out the online form?


Posted by boymstlikely2 on 12/02/2007 at 12:06 PM

Hello. My name's Garrett Albright, and I am the lead programmer for the new ER site as a contractor through Precision Intermedia.

With regards to the amount of personal data required to read the ePaper, the reason for that is that they want to be able to "count" each ePaper reader as a regular subscriber. Thus, the information requested is the same info that you'd be asked for if you called up the TS and asked to subscribe. We did this fully realizing that some people would just fill out bogus information, but so far, the vast majority of people seem to not be doing that.

I can't speak on the subject of the reduced coverage of the print edition, but I can guarantee that there's a lot more cool things in store for the web site, far beyond the ePaper.

Posted by Garrett Albright on 12/02/2007 at 7:46 PM

Sorry, but I gave bogus information


Posted by Anonymous on 12/03/2007 at 12:06 PM
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