T-S Will Prevail

| April 23, 2009


The letter in this week’s North Coast Journal calling for the death of the Times-Standard is irresponsible and a disservice to the community (“Mailbox,” April 16). The writer referred to a column written by the Media Maven in the April 2 issue of the North Coast Journal.

The writer stated that Marcy Burstiner was “spot on” in her criticism of the Times-Standard. Burstiner was correct in her admonition that subjects such as the Humboldt Creamery deserve full, extensive coverage. And the Times-Standard has covered the subject and, I guarantee, wish they could devote more time to it.

But, as I read Burstiner’s column I also was cognizant, as pointed out last week by Journal editor Hank Sims, that the Times-Standard is struggling, as almost all newspapers throughout the country are struggling, financially and with manpower. Also, Burstiner compared the Times-Standard’s coverage to that of a weekly.

And there is a distinct difference between putting out a weekly that is very locally focused and a daily that covers the entire county. The Times-Standard is down to five news reporters. They cover Humboldt County, Eureka, Arcata, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Trinidad, Blue Lake, Bridgeville, Hydesville, Loleta, Miranda, Pepperwood, Weott, Hoopa, King Salmon, Garberville and points in between, crime that affects our daily lives, 32 school districts, local business, local sports, environmental concerns, community health, community senior citizens, community arts, on and on and on. And they do it every single day of the year, Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, early morning meetings and meetings that drag on late into the night. In short, as a staff, they work their butts off every single day of the year.

As for the wish that the newspaper would die and go away — forget it. This is your source for news, it is your community calendar, it is your neighbors, your personalities, your culture and arts and crafts and the issues that affect your lives. Not bad for 50 cents a day and $1.50 on Sunday.

Dave Rosso, Eureka

*Ed. note: Rosso is the former city editor of the Times-Standard.*

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Work their butts off? That is the biggest lie ever. One or two staffers carry the whole team and everyone else takes credit while they sit in front of their computers or stroll blocks away on their multile coffee-cigarette-meal breaks each day. The reason there's only five reporters is that no matter how few people they have on duty, a newspaper still comes out each day. Mangement sees that despite how many people they cut there still seems to be a bunch of printed ads in the paper every day. They could care less how much news is in the thing. If they were actually working their butts off we'd not be seeing "for the times-standard" or "the associated press" as bylines all the time. A good reporter can easily churn out three or four stories a day-- do the math. Where's the 15 or 20 local stories we should be seeing? What's with the flood of either submitted or AP photos? Maybe everyone is too busy kayaking on company time or making one too many trips to Starbucks...

Posted by laurel hardy on 04/29/2009 at 8:42 AM
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