Fish Story



When a great white shark bit Scott Stephens in the waters near the North Jetty last October, he punched the beastie to get away ("Details Emerge about Gruesome Shark Attack," Oct. 30, 2012). Maybe you heard about it? It was like a movie. And now it is a movie. Local Filmmakers Night presents Great White Encounter on Thursday, July 18 at 6:30 p.m. (film starts at 7 p.m.) in the Eureka High School Lecture Hall. Five dollars at the door benefits Access Humboldt.

Filmmakers Jennifer Bell, Ted Okell, Michael McClimon and Robert Stoneman put together photos, interviewed witnesses from the beach and hospital and shot some Go Pro footage (those little cameras snowboarders are always using) to piece together this 40-minute documentary on the attack and Stephens' rescue. The film details how Stephens coasted back to shore on his surfboard after a shark took a Cookie Monster-like bite out of it, and how Stephens was whisked by fellow surfers to the hospital, where doctors stitched him back together.

The screening is part of a series put on by Access Humboldt, Film Humboldt and the Eureka High School Media Club. Hang around after the credits roll; the filmmakers will be in the house for a question-and-answer session. After that, wait at least 30 minutes before going in the water.



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