Reggae on the River Videos: Vote Now


Here they are, reggae fans: the official entries in the Journal's Reggae on the River contest, in which we award four four-day passes to the creator of the most original and creative video of 29 seconds or less. We have 10 entries posted below.

Don't forget: We are including reader response in our deliberations, so help us pick the winning entry by submitting your comments below.

Entry #1: Maia Werronen of McKinleyville:

Entry #2: Camilla Ruth Tyler of Samoa:

Entry #3: Kendsey McMahan of Eureka:

Entry #4: Ann M. Harper of McKinleyville:

Entry #5: Colette P. Waters of Sacramento:

Entry #6: Dylan Baumann of, uh, California:

Entry #7: Ricky Harvey of Arcata (probably NSFW):

Entry #8: Shawn Harper of McKinleyville:

Entry #9: Leishara Ward of Eureka:

And a bonus: Entry #9.1, also from Leishara Ward, who explained that this is the better of her two videos, but she couldn't figure out how to turn it right-side-up. So if you're watching this on a smartphone or tablet, try setting it on a flat surface and then walking around to the other side.

Entry #10: Kelsey McMahan of Eureka:

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