Hunting Season


The Kinetic Paranormal Society could get a Kickstarter fund going for their entry in the 2014 Kinetic Grand Championship, or they could do the far more Kinetic-esque thing and raise cash with a big, crazy scavenger hunt all over the county. Yeah, they're doing the second thing.

Prepare yourself for BOGGLEBANG. From Sept. 14-22, teams of four to seven players will try to crack riddles and clues, meet "ridiculous challenges" and generally run amok for nine days, all the while posting photos of their escapades on Twitter and Facebook. (Rubberneckers, check Twitter hashtag #bogglebang for footage of the crazy.) Winners (first to finish, most creative, best photo and more) will reap prizes from sponsoring businesses, plus a certain level of goofy fame.


Ready to form a team? Of course you are. Go to for the forms and drop them off at the Angels of Hope Thrift Store in Arcata with a fee of $3 per person. You can’t afford not to do this — because eventually you are bound to do something that ends with embarrassing photos on the Internet, but it might not be this fun, creative or community-spirited. Assemble your team, then release the hounds.

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