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Right now, a small, grumpy and unpleasantly practical cluster of synapses in your brain is thinking about skipping the North Country Fair this year. It's too crowded, parking is crazy and we have errands to do, it whines. Don't listen. Your brain is not in possession of all the facts.

For one thing, Saturday kicks off the 40th annual fair, so the Same Old People are blowing it up. The vendor list tops 200, including arts and crafts, clothing and tasty food. You have to eat, right? Sure, you could pick up groceries like you do every other weekend, or you could get your leafy greens at the farmers market just off the plaza and turn this thing into a party. Exotic festival stalls trump tragic supermarket pizza.

Stay for the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir at 11:30 a.m. and the Samba parade at 1 p.m. with Samba da Alegria — the BeDazzled and feathered drumming and dancing troupe that turns Arcata into sunny Rio. You can run home and do yard work right after that. Or you could stay for the baker's dozen of music and dance acts on three stages — Grateful Dead tunes, soul, rock, marimbas and belly dancing.

  • photo courtesy of NEC.

Oh, you have a thing you can't get out of on Saturday? Fine. Sunday is your second chance. Swap in the All Species Parade at 1 p.m. (all species, but no dogs — go figure) with masked members of our community letting their freak flags fly. Really, couldn't your banner use a little waving? Spread out a blanket and settle in for another three stages of all-day dancers and music. It's good for the brain.

The 40th Annual North Country Fair Schedule of Good Times


1:00 Samba Parade with Samba da Alegria
8am-2pm Farmers Market, I St. across from Co-Op

8th & G Sts Stage

11:30 Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir
2:00 The Miracle Show
3:15 Sierra Rose Band
4:45 Soul Power

9th & H St. Stage

10:30 Mon Petit Chou
11:45 Josephine Johnson
2:00 Fire Sign
3:15 Lizzy & the Moonbeams
4:30 Lost Coast Marimbas

North Lawn

10:30 John Hardin
12:00 Redwood Coast Soo Bahk Do
3:00 Humboldt Rockers
3:45 Ya Habibi Dance Company
4:00 Redwood Rings


1:00 All Species Parade in memory of Tim McKay

8th & G St. Stage

10:30 Black Sage
12:00 Vintage Rock & Roll
2:15 UF08
3:30 Silver Hammer
4:45 Triple Junction

9th & H St. Stage

10:30 Twisted Thistle
11:45 La Musique Diabolique
2:00 Trillium
3:15 Kingfoot
4:30 Bayou Swamis

North Lawn

10:30 John Hardin
12:00 Hoaloha Pumehana
2:00 Tribal Oasis Belly Dance
3:00 Zumba with Marla Joy
4:00 Bogglebang Closing Ceremony

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