Local Girl Does Good: 'The Wine of Summer' Victorious in Portugal


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Humboldt native and filmmaker Maria Matteoli was already celebrating the inclusion of The Wine of Summer in Portugal's Douro Film Harvest – she and her crew had flown to Porto to attend the world premiere of the movie they crafted during 2011 in Spain and the streets of Eureka's Old Town – when things got even better.

"What in the..." Matteoli's Facebook post read, along with a photo of her holding some sort of fancy trophy. Another one just said, "Dude..."

The film's page confirmed impressions. "And we won!!"

Congratulations to Humboldt's own international award-winning filmmakers!

Check out The Wine of Summer on IMDB and don't miss the director's cut premiering Saturday, Oct. 19 at the Eureka Theatre.


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