Pandas — giant, red, kung fu, Sandoval — own the Internet. Why? Because the furry, graphically colored pandas are adorable, exotic and endangered. (If you've never clicked on a panda picture online, you might be a serial killer. Get that checked out.)

The red panda is like a raccoon from out of town that doesn't want to get in your garbage cans. Very chill. And we have a whole family of them at our zoo. Sunday is a free day at Sequoia Park Zoo to celebrate International Red Panda Day. It's an actual thing set up by the Red Panda Network. Which is also a real thing. We looked it up. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., kids can do all sorts of activities with the folks from the zoo and PG&E, which is sponsoring the day. Kids can become official Red Panda Rangers, too (great band name — snap it up before someone else does).

Little Móhú, putting human babies everywhere to shame. - PHOTO BY JOSE QUEZADA, COURTESY OF THE ZOO.
  • photo by jose quezada, courtesy of the zoo.
  • Little Móhú, putting human babies everywhere to shame.

Enter the raffle for a chance to hand feed the pandas (squee!) or maybe take home conceptual art from Sumo the red panda, who walks through paint onto canvas (don't ask him about it or you'll be stuck for 20 minutes of him going on about his process). Pale, fluffy baby Móhú ("foggy" in Chinese) is starting to venture out with Mom, so there's even a chance of a cub sighting. Either way, there's a live feed you can watch for a little panda reality TV.

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