From the Hum: Sex on a Stick



She wants to just say, “Look. Listen.” A glance, a snippet, what more do they need to know? Must she say out loud that this band is sex on a stick? The idea of objectifying them troubles her — slightly — but sweet Jesus, look at them. Even in the still pictures, that dark timeless handsomeness shimmies off the screen, all sugar and swagger. Seeing them live, the way the trio plays conduit for a delicately restrained garage rock that every so often bursts into something straightforward and raw – The Blakes bring everything a girl or boy could want, sex and love and rock and roll, all for a mere $15 at Humboldt Brews tonight. Oh, she is looking forward to this. Doors at 9:30 p.m. The Trouble, appropriately, opens.

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