From the Hum: Monday Weirdness



Tapping nodding shaking grooving shimmying. Mind freed by music an electronic shortcut to meditation. Happily lost somewhat confused unafraid even as the crescendo builds. Cave’s music “rolling funk minimalism”? Sure that’ll do. Some instrumental music leaves me cold, but this is all hot energy and I'm wanting more. Maybe that’s the fever talking — don’t worry just go to the Ink Annex and lose your mind it’ll be a good trip promise.

And... At long last we’ve come to a rare Alibi show featuring Total Punk Records artist Buck Biloxi and the Fucks out of New Orleans. By the end of the previous sentence, you should have known if that’s the sort of thing that appeals to you. I can do no more. Five bucks, late show, drinking age and up only.

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