Big Talk



You know that TED Talk you watched and live-tweeted and re-posted and how you wished we could do something like that here? Well, you might have magical powers, because on Sunday Nov. 17 at noon, 22 speakers are taking the stage at the Arcata Theatre Lounge for TEDxYouth@HumboldtBay ($50, $10 for people under 25).

  • Photo courtesy of TEDx Humboldt.

It's a locally organized TED-esque event with that same brainy grassroots approach to getting people thinking and talking. This one, titled "Imagine > Ignite," is geared toward the under-25 set, and speakers include local luminaries and some very bright young things. You'll get schooled by a handful of high school students, cool science teacher David Haller, digital marketer Jeff Pimentel, Samba drum lord Jesse Jonathon Franzen, author Ray Raphael, artist Katie Texas, breakdancing teacher "Reckless" Rex Atienza and our own advice mistress, Jessicurl founder Jessica McGuinty (hey, girl). Can't make it to the show? Watch it streaming live at

Now see what you can do about wishing up a Korean barbecue place.

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