From the Hum: Tonight's Tall Cool Drink of Loopy Juice


As mentioned last week — did you get your tickets yet? — Keller Williams returns to Humboldt with a show tonight at the Arcata Theatre Lounge. Musically, Williams is best known for what he calls “the looping thing.” Machines that are essentially delay units enable Williams to step on a button and sing or play something. What he just played or sang repeats when he steps on the same button in time. Once that initial loop is created, Williams then layers on a bass line or a drum line, thus creating in real time something he can sing over and otherwise play with. Nothing is pre-recorded — everything is created onstage in front of the audience.

If it sounds complicated, it is! But the technology has allowed Williams to go out on tour without limiting his sound to the solo singer-songwriter motif of a guy strumming a guitar while singing. With his arsenal of tech toys, Williams expands his reach onstage by, in essence, jamming with himself — but you’re invited along for the ride.

Doors opens at 8 p.m., cost is $24 at the door, $20 advanced tickets available at Wildberries, People’s Records, the Works and through ATL’s ticket office and website. This show is 21-and-over.

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