From the Hum: Tonight! Steve Poltz, legendary music, all-round cool guy


And here's yet another excellent show brought to us by the indefatigable Chris Parreira. This time it's Southern California's Steve Poltz, long beloved as both a solo artist and with cult legends the Rugburns, playing with the one, the only, John Ludington, perhaps Humboldt County's most unique songwriter and always endearing performer. (Also in Absynth Quintet.)

How cool is Steve Poltz? Cool enough to sing the national anthem at an SF Giants game (the Giants won!):

Cool enough that when he tells the story of co-writing "You Were Meant For Me" it starts off, "So there I was traveling around in Mexico, looking for surf, hanging out with Jewel down there..."

Note: This is an early show! Very important to arrive on time, which happens to be at the extremely wonderful-for-a-Wednesday hour of 8 p.m. Yeah! This happens at Humboldt Brews and tickets are $10.

Here's a great quote about Poltz from country-punk icon John Doe: "My idea of hell would be having Steve Poltz open for me every day. There's no place left for the audience to go."

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