Truckers light up the night



Do you still have the urge to pump your arm at passing big rigs to hear those horns? Of course you do. You're a red-blooded American. So dust off the lawn chair, fill the thermos with something hot and bundle up the kids for the lighted truck and tractor parades this week.

Fortuna's Main Street gets flashy on Friday at 6:30 p.m. starting at the Redwood Shopping Center. You are invited to trick out any vehicle (or yourself) with lights, but it's Friday the 13th, so go easy. In Eureka, the Technicolor convoy kicks off at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds at 6 p.m. on Saturday. Keep an eye out for Santa. John Deere goes reindeer at Ferndale's lighted tractor parade along the main drag on Sunday at 7 p.m. Warm up at the Ferndale Community Church before and after with hot cider and cookies.

Eureka's lighted trucks - FILE PHOTO
  • file photo
  • Eureka's lighted trucks

A few tips:

Layer up. It's been cold, so wrap yourself and any little ones in lots of cozy clothing. Extra fabric also immobilizes children and keeps them out of trouble. Adults, it's hard to look good when you're puffed up like the Michelin Man, but let it go. Nobody finds love at the truck parade.

Go with a group. Bring some pizza, share the child monitoring and kick back on the curb for a no-pressure holiday tailgating opportunity.

Do not complain about the loud horns. Seriously. You are at a truck parade. Smile and plug your ears.

Wave like crazy. It keeps you moving and warms you up. The people on the flat beds going by are flailing their arms like mad, and it's weird if you just stand there. And don't forget to pump your arm.

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