Cheap Booze: Thataway!



Long gone are the days of having to use the North Star and a sextant to find the nearest happy hour (other people do that, too, right?). NCJ is proud (gleeful, really) to present The Cocktail Compass, a one-click, smartphone app that points you in the booziest direction possible.
Free to download, easy to use and all together super handy, The Cocktail Compass is a necessity for people who want the best deals in the shortest amount of time. That's you, right? Yeah, that's totally you.
Not convinced that The Cocktail Compass is the must-have, clicky-appy thing of the future? Check out this fancy schmancy commercial from Humboldt's favorite video-making superstar, Chuck Johnson.

The NCJ Cocktail Compass is available for free via the iTunes App Store and Android Apps. 

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