From the Hum: Out With the Old, Baby!


Whether you loved it or hated it, see 2013 out in style. Choices are plentiful. Here are three highlights to help you plan your good time.

NYE option #1: Male models promise ‘massive ball drop’

Forgive me the digression, dear readers, but I must confess to you a problem: I have a longstanding crush on The Absynth Quintet. I can’t help it. From my initial baptism into the band’s fire-breathing-traveling-gypsy-circus-indie-grass through their modeling debut as Mr. Kitchenaids into their annual NYE gigs at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, I remain starstruck as ever. You’ve got the mad skillz happy joy of Tofu Schwartz on drums. You’ve got the disarmingly laconic string master Ian Davidson on banjo. You’ve got the delightfully unpredictable genius of John Ludington on bass. You’ve got the stunning virtuosic sweetness of Bird Jowaisas on mandolin. You’ve got the almost-annoyingly gifted, slightly twisted Ryan Roberts on guitar. Add them up and as good as each part is, the sum still manages to elevate the band’s sound to another plane. There is nothing not excellent about The Absynth Quintet. You will dance. You will laugh. You will sing along to “Reverend Sam” and rejoice in life. There’s also Liquid Kactus and a free midnight champagne toast and a ball drop and flying sharks. Ring it in for $12 advance (highly recommended and available at the ATL box office and website, and at Wildberries). Doors at 9 p.m.

NYE option #2: Spiked punch at the Jam

The Jambalaya’s enhancing the live music portion of the night – funk rockers Free Rain and Afrobeat enthusiasts Motherlode – with “The Comedy Cocktail,” which is two parts local comics – Joe Deschaine and John McClurg – one part SF comic – Josh Argyle – and one part some other people who will, at least theoretically, also be funny. Ten bucks’ll get you in.

NYE option #3: A sparkling DJtacular

Humboldt Brews hosts the ever-popular Matt’n’Adam, Jaymoorg and King Maxwell turntable experience. The evening is billed as a “champagne celebration,” but the tunes will intoxicate on their own. Also, you will sweat very much. Do it for $10. Doors at 9 p.m.

NYE option #4: Ever-lovin’ honkytonk

Logger Bar. Rooster McClintock. Free. Champagne. 8 p.m. There ya go. Happy New Year, kids.

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