Meet Our New Dogs


  • Photo by Greg Nyquist

Why hello, there! Who's a rare and largely unstudied South American predator? You are!

Don't bother trying to keep your composure. A pair of bush dog brothers, Mato and Perrito, just moved into the Sequoia Park Zoo. Fewer than 10 American zoos have them, so they're kind of a big deal. Small (11-18 pounds) and stubby legged with ears like a teddy bear, they look like fierce landed otters. Adorbs. Their toes are even slightly webbed for swimming. Wait, is that cute or gross? No, it's cute.

The scrappy little Speothos vernaticus hunt larger animals in packs. Watch your six, capybara. You can see them sniffing high and low for meals the zoo staff have stashed in their habitat (the former bear digs) around noonish. Make them feel welcome — if they adapt well, we might just get some females and get a pack going. That's right — puppies.

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