From the Hum: Friday's Blue Lake Crawl


As mentioned last week, Full Moon Fever — Humboldt County's excellent Tom Petty tribute band — performs in the Blue Lake Casino's Wave Lounge. Full Moon Fever features Humboldt musicians nearly as beloved as Petty himself. Piet Dalmolen, Pete Ciotti, Pat Quinn and Jay Forbes join together to offer you a chance to sing along to "American Girl." It's cathartic and worth trekking through the casino to experience.

Making the night even better, the other most worthwhile show happening Friday night is also in Blue Lake. Joining locals The Trouble is The Desert Line, a dreamy, elegant, post-Americana duo out of San Francisco comprised of keyboardist/singer Patricia Pauchnick and guitarist/singer Jason Phillips. They ride the line between indie and folk. Expect the live action to be rocked up a bit due to the addition of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Kaplan-Good. Should be a sweet little show.

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