From the Hum: Karaoke Night

Three Ways to Get Your Sing On


Confession: I came late to appreciating karaoke. After spending several years tending bar in live music venues, I'd slogged my way through so many open mics and bad opening acts that the idea of deliberately going out to hear people sing badly sounded as appealing as shoving an ice pick into my eardrum. But over the years, watching people I adore light up at the prospect of singing "Night Moves" to an approving, albeit drunk, audience has endeared me to karaoke's existence.

The Internet is full of tips if you're in need, and if you want to branch out in this manner, Humboldt has no lack of opportunities. Especially on a Thursday.

From south to north, you've got:
  • Chris Clay at the Bear River Casino (8 p.m.)
  • KJ Leonard at the Blue Lake Casino (8 p.m.) 
  • DJ Marv at Central Station (9 p.m.). 
All these bring-your-own-voice options are limited to aspiring/hobbyists singers age 21-and-over.

Finally, while I can't promise undercover celebs, this video is nonetheless inspiring. Enjoy.

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