Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Two lucky people, four free tickets.

  • Photo courtesy of Humboldt Roller Derby
Yesterday we held a contest on Facebook for four tickets to Humboldt Roller Derby's opening bout on Jan. 25. We ran the numbers through our 1970s, room-sized computers, built a robot to execute our random number generation and did a bunch of advanced math on an oversized chalkboard. A few gallons of blood, sweat and mostly tears later, we have determined our winners!

Krystal Davis and Teri Ohlsson have each won two free tickets to the bout against the Tsunami Sirens this Saturday. Congrats! Your tickets will be waiting for you at the door! 

To the rest of the people who entered, don't fret. This contest is the first of many. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next contest around the time of the next bout on Feb. 15. 

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