Tattoo Hue


Ready yourselves Tuesday Jan. 28 at the Van Duzer, when the electrifying Grupo Corpo from Brazil takes the stage at 8 p.m. ($45, $25 kids). Building upon the rhythms of their Afro-Brazilian roots, these dancers are masterful technicians working with dance styles and influences layered one upon another: the expressive hips and staccato ribcages of Samba, the extensions and legs of ballet, and the sinuous torsos and fluid backs of modern dance, all on top of the speedy footwork of jazz dancers.


Founded by the Pederneiras brothers, choreographer Rodrigo, artistic director Paulo and technical director Pedro, Grupo Corpo is known for creating worlds for their dances with original musical and unique lighting, costumes and sets. The music for the first piece, "Sem Mim," is based on lyrics from "The Sea of Vigo" by medieval troubadour Martín Codax. Voluminous panels of fabric transform the stage into the sea, mountains, clouds, boats, fishing nets and dawns — a supple landscape for the push and pull of the dancers as they embody the motion of waves. Striking skin-tone unitards decorated with medieval symbols create the illusion that the stage is awash with naked, tattoed bodies.

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