Pray for Rain: Mike June and Jess Klein at Robert Goodman Tonight


The only thing keeping me from planning my night out with Mike June and Jess Klein tonight is this stupid cold inhabiting my face. But you, you without the snot and the coughing, you should not miss this chance to drink in the talent that is June and Klein. 

June's latest album, Talking Revolution Blues, kicks off with the rollicking "Pray for Rain." Ten seconds in, I was hooked. Foot-stompin' music with lyrics so sharp it's a wonder June doesn't cut his tongue on them. Admittedly, I've been marathoning Friday Night Lights while in bed with the sick, but I suspect even if I wasn't whiling away the hours in Dillon, Texas, I'd still swoon over the songs-for-the-working-class sound of this Austin-bred singer-songwriter. Think The Clash meets Johnny Cash. 

And then you've got Jess Klein, all haunting and beautiful, with the sort of voice that could lift you to the heavens while singing about the darkness. When she sings, "I need a lover to put my mind at ease," I expect everyone within earshot will fall to their knees in supplications.

Go ahead, listen.


Cover is $5, show starts at 8 p.m. Call (707) 826-9463 for more info, plus further details here.

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