From the Hum: Peace In, You Knew Me When



The big gig tonight is, of course, Increase the Peace. Yours truly is emceeing the late night portion at either the Jam or Hum Brews, so do please say hey when you come out.

If you happen to be looking for something in addition, let's talk latest crush:

After uprooting from their Nashville home and full-time jobs in June of 2012, the husband and wife duo You Knew Me When set plans to tour the nation for a full year. They succeeded — and then kept going. I clicked on the first track of YKMW's You, Me and the Rest of the World and promptly forgot I meant to give only a quick listen — thus mesmerized, I was four songs deep before remembering I was supposed to be writing about the music. The songs are just lovely, combining fragile folksy melodies with an elegant, edgier sound. This gig takes place at Redwood Curtain Brewing — good people — and gets going around 8 p.m., so you can start your night there, then meander over to the peace-increasing.

Go ahead and fall in love:

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