From the Hum: 4 Reasons to Attend International Guitar Night


I am no musician. I tell you this because the following show exceeds my ability to translate the brilliance, so I'm going to quote the press release. Here we go: "Four exceptional and diverse acoustic guitarists from Italy, England, Argentina and the U.S. perform at the Arcata Playhouse for International Guitar Night starting at 8 p.m. This year IGN's North American tour features Pino Forastiere, Mike Dawes, Quique Sinesi and Brian Gore."

What we know about Italian guitarist Pino Forastiere is that he "employs a dazzling blend of slapping, tapping, strumming, altered tunings and harmonics, combined with classical phrasing and a focus on distinct and addictive melodies." From England, Mike Dawes is hailed as one of the world's finest young finger-style guitarists and performers. Argentinean Quique Sinesi is considered one of the most important guitarists in Argentina for his personal style. Finally, San Francisco-based guitar poet Brian Gore is gaining a reputation as one of the most interesting and influential performers of "the next generation." Tickets are $20 general, $18 members.

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