DUFF Enough



Look at your plans for the week. Not weird enough? Need a bit more gut-punch panic and shock to keep your adrenaline up? The Seventh Annual Druid Underground Film Festival on Thursday, March 13 at 7 p.m. should do the trick ($7).

Settle down, LARPers. It's not that kind of druid party. Which is not to say things won't get a little pagan, since the festival takes inspiration from the secrets and mysteries of the lost culture of the Druids. There's also going to be a raffle. The trailer speaks to a decidedly low-budget, high-octane aesthetic — gory stop-motion, jumpy hand-held footage, DIY special effects and people rubbing meat on one another in ways that might make Lady Gaga switch to tofu.

It's a grubby palate cleanser of international experimental comedy, horror and overall freakiness after the soft-focus glitz of the Oscars. In a trailer/call for submissions, the wife-beater-and-aviator-sporting founder Billy Burgess says "it's our job to challenge the future of art, to challenge the future of film. Our culture depends on you." And, you know, people rubbing meat on each other.

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