Tonight's Setlist: Drop everything!


Usually we like to offer you a buffet of musical options, letting you choose according to your tastes, needs and desires. This week continues that tradition — but if we were to choose One Show You Must Go To, it would be Sila at the Jambalaya Friday night. The Kenyan-born artist shimmers, pulses and throbs his way through American pop, R&B, soul, and funk, all flavored with a serious dose of Afropop. World music DJ and Journal advice columnist Jess McGuinty says, "He's amazing! You'll love it! I promise!"

Tickets are $10, show starts at 10 p.m. and is 21-and-over.

Tonight (and tomorrow!): Rock out at the 'bi
Hey, it's a double-whammy heavy sounds fix with New Mexico's doom/black metalists Predatory Light, plus the interstellar noise of Golden Raven at the Alibi on Friday, followed by Humboldt cosmic rockers CV playing with Seattle stoner rockers Ancient Warlocks on Saturday. Do you like seductive, powerful riffs? Do you enjoy feeling music reverberate through your body? Do you ever experience a twinge of nostalgia for those hot desert nights making out in the back of your '67 Mustang while the Kyuss cassette spun out in the front? Or maybe you're just a guy who likes to rock? Then you will enjoy Ancient Warlocks.

Both shows come with the usual $5 cover, 11 p.m. start time and are for legal drinking-age folk only. 


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