"Turn up" at the Rutabaga Ball


Get ready to trip the light kinetic. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and Humboldtians know what that means: The Kinetic Grand Championship! Before the peddling and paddling starts, though, Humboldt needs a new Rutabaga Queen. Someone has to reign over the wacky proceedings and it can't just be anybody.

The Rutabaga Ball is Saturday, May 17 at the Bayside Grange in Arcata. It's unlike any other pageant. Contestants vie for the coveted position of Rutabaga Queen, showing off their talents, ball gowns, knowledge and general kookiness. It's an evening of ridiculous rivalry, peculiar pomp and live music from the Lost Luvs. 

You can get your tickets at the door. General admission is $10, but you can save three bucks by bringing your own, reusable cup. 

For the Glory!

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