Clued in to The Cutters: Humboldt's Rockers Reunite


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From the proverbial back-in-the-day

Dearest Readers!

I'm happy to announce that the back-togetherness of one of Humboldt's most beloved and rockingest bands is official: The Cutters blew up the Arcata Playhouse last night with what felt like the cool version of a high school reunion. You know, with all the people you cut class with. Remember how you'd all pile into the car and drive 60 miles to see a band no one knew anything about except they were supposed to "be good"? Those were some fun, fun days. And last night brought the fun right back into modern day! 

For those who don't know the wonder of The Cutters, please initiate yourselves now.

If you missed last night's "practice," no worries – The Cutters are back in force tonight at the Palm Lounge. I dropped a lot of hints – granted, you'd have to already be a Cutters fan to pick up what I was putting down – so now that subtlety's out the window, let me share the joy with you by simply saying, "Go!"

Please take yourself there at 8 p.m. DJs Red and Zephyr kick things off. You can expect music to start at 9 p.m. sharp, says Courtney Luv — oh, that reminds me, The Lost Luvs are going to pave the way for a trip down Nostalgia Lane with Automatic Pink songs, plus you've got new group The Scary Photographs with Joaquin Dominick, Jesse Pearson and more veteran Humboldt rockers. 



P.S. Rural Rock and Roll director Jensen Rufe is joining the band on guitar for these Very Special Shows. Check out the video below – and get yourself out tonight!



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