Weird Science



People are no longer shocked by tattoos, you say? Challenge accepted. The Enigma, whose face and entire body (just going to take his word for it) are covered in blue puzzle pieces, returns to Eureka with Circus Emporium Roadshow for the Sexy Science Sideshow at Synapsis on Sunday, July 20 at 8 p.m. ($7). It's doubtful the evening will be either sexy or genuinely scientific, but you're guaranteed the sideshow part.

Expect a cavalcade of stunts you shouldn't try at home, some involving electricity and chainsaws, and at least one lightsaber swallowing. Keep your Jedi robes on, Star Wars fans — it's not a real one. Nonetheless, sparks will fly, piercings will jingle and nails will be driven through appendages.

Do we really need to patronize out-of-towners when we've got plenty of freaks right here in Humboldt? Localistas will be happy to learn that homegrown sideshow shenanigans from Shea Freelove and Ginger Snap are also on the bill, so you can see a couple of our own undergoing all kinds of iffy "experiments" on stage. It's going to be more Frankenstein than Einstein. Feel free to stare.

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