Pretty Crafty


  • Photo by Mark McKenna

In this era of big box stores and assembly required furniture, it's sadly too easy to forget the importance of quality over quantity. Why make your own beeswax candles at home, when you can buy a gross of them at Costco? The folks at Eureka Main Street and Origin Design Lab want you to put down that 12-pack of machine-woven baskets and head on over to the Humboldt Makers Street Fair at Second Street in Old Town on Saturday, Aug. 2 from noon to 9 p.m. (free). As usual, the fair shares the evening with Eureka's Arts Alive, providing even more exposure to local talent and flair.

It's the fourth year of this craft-filled, artist-drenched street fair, and it's bigger than ever. Second Street will be flush with live music, dancers and performers. You'll see the artists and crafters make their wares, with live demonstrations and lessons from local artisans, educators, musicians, hobbyists, enthusiasts and dabblers. Your handmade purchases will help fund the Crafty Kids Enrichment program at Origin Design Labs, nurturing the crafters of the future. More of a consumer than a creator? You can always enter the Mac Daddy eating contest at Wolf Dawg at noon and stuff down as many mac-and-cheese and bacon dogs as you can in 10 minutes for prizes and glory. With any luck, someone will have artisanal antacid on hand.

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