Summer of Woof



Have you been spending the summer sniffing around the same old places and running with your usual pack? Get out and see some other dogs. Take your people to Halvorsen Park for Woofstock on Saturday, Aug. 9 at 10 a.m. ($12). Make puppy eyes and get them to spring for the Mutt Strut parade at 11 a.m. if you want to see and be seen around Old Town while raising some more cash for Sequoia Humane Society ($25, includes Woofstock admission).

Show off in the Doggie Fun Zone with a little obstacle course action, then put your nose to the ground for the treasure hunt and splash around the pirate lagoon (no algae!). Of course there will be plenty of food vendors and live music to keep those on two legs happy, too.

Competitive? Start practicing for the best trick contest at 2 p.m., because your tired roll-over-and-play-dead move won't cut it here. Bring your swagger for the tail wagging contest, plant some sloppy ones to win best kiss or twin up with your person for the look-alike competition. And protest all you want in the name of dignity, but deep down you want to win that costume contest. It's OK. What happens at Woofstock stays at Woofstock.

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