Leave Your Mark on Ocean Night


If you were hot to see Wiremark, as the Journal had erroneously named tonight's Ocean Night film, tough. The actual title is Watermark, and it's a painterly exploration of how humankind has shaped and been shaped by water. 

In California, the vast, manmade All-American Canal diverts water from the Colorado River to urban centres. In India, the mass Hindu pilgrimage called the Kumbh Mela sees thirty million worshippers bathe in the sacred river at Allahabad in a single day. The images are incredible, taking something as commonplace as water and capturing it in curiously beautiful ways. 
The film was made by Jennifer Baichwal and photographer Edward Burtynsky, who previously collaborated on Manufactured Landscapes. Both artists portray massive industrial complexes hauntingly and beautifully. Go eat popped corn and support Humboldt Surfrider, Humboldt Baykeeper and the Northcoast Environmental Center tonight with a $3 suggested donation. Doors at 6:30.

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