The Score on Spores


There you are, out in the wilds of your yard, and poking through the grass is a suede-y little specimen that's both fairy-level magical and farm-to-table fragrant. Before you sauté your way to your insurance deductible, you might want to get that mystery fungus checked out by experts. Because a wild mushroom omelet shouldn't echo colors.

The friendly mycologists at the Mushroom Fair will be happy to ID your discoveries on Sunday, Nov. 23 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds ($3, $1 kids 12-16, free to kids under 12). While you're there, get to know local edibles and toxic varieties and nerd out on the hundreds of species on display. Find out how you can grow your own and get an up-close look at exotics that recall the trippy Disney films of yesteryear. Kids can get in on the educational activities and learn about weird and wonderful fungal biology from experts.

Just don't eat that sketchy yard shroom before Sunday.

— Jennifer Fumiko Cahill

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