Wrestling with formulas and smacking at the chalk dust on his sleeves, could Albert Einstein have conceived of the impact of his work on humanity? For example, without his theory regarding time travel, we might never have experienced the 1980s teen comedy brilliance of Back to the Future. It easily dwarfs his smackdown of the Newtonian model of gravity. Sure Stephen Hawking's biopic is moving, but does it have a DeLorean?

On Friday, May 15 at the Arcata Theatre Lounge at precisely 8 p.m., you can go back in time to 1985 and, well, go back in time to 1955 ($5). Marty McFly (a squeaky-voiced Michael J. Fox) is on a matchmaking mission to get his parents together and ensure his own birth with help from Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown, a wild-eyed scientist who's done some serious after-market upgrades to his car. Armed with only his wits, future insights, a puffy vest and big sneakers, McFly navigates the 1950s and somehow makes his teen mom's Oedipal advances into family comedy. Now if only we can go back and keep the sequels from happening

— Jennifer Fumiko Cahill

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