Tonight's Setlist: Steve Poltz, More Than The Usual



Sometimes you might glance at a listing and say to yourself, "Oh, another talented, engaging guy with a guitar. Do I really need to go see that? I'm still trying to catch up on Mad Men ... Maybe I should just stay in." Stop right there. Because Steve Poltz is not just another talented, engaging guy with a guitar. He's astonishing. He's the homemade bread pudding with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce of the singer-songwriter world.

You'll regret missing the wild improv, the helpless laughter, the cathartic tears and, yes, the virtuoso guitar playing. At Humboldt Brews, 9:30 p.m., tickets are $15, show is 21-and-over.

Grant Lee Phillips
  • Grant Lee Phillips
Grant-Lee Phillips, who kicks ass in his own right — his latest album is drawn from intensive investigations into his native lineage, delving deeply into the subconscious mystery of his own back story, while simultaneously revealing the resonance of ancient myth with contemporary emotions — opens.

Full Setlist here.


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