Down to Shuck



Seems like only yesterday locals were rending their garments over the Oyster Festival. But with no fence and no fees, what's to get worked up over anymore? Oh, you'll have to take a stroll to get around the bar row barrier, but that just ensures you'll be drinking with the truly dedicated.

Out on the plaza, beer from five local breweries will flow into fancy steel commemorative cups (last call is at 4 p.m., so plan accordingly), and more than 50 vendors will be hawking oyster stew, oyster po' boy BLTs, oyster shooters and oyster pizza, not to mention landlocked goodies like bulgogi burgers, barbecue and chili-cheese waffle fries. (Curse your limited digestive capacity.) If you want to save room for the best of the best, the results of the cloistered best oyster contest conclave will be revealed at 1:45 p.m.


This year organizers are going family friendly with a tricked-out kids' zone featuring balloon animals, face painting, a scavenger hunt, oyster dunking and cookies and milk. Olio Music and Dance Collective performs at 11 a.m. over by the art market and will parade around the plaza to Brazilian, Latin and Congolese beats, tossing beads to little revelers. Listen up for Oyster calling at noon, and cheer on the brave bi-valve busters during the Shuck and Swallow competition at 2 p.m. (You might want to eat before watching that one.)

All this fun in the sun comes with a steady soundtrack of local musical talent including DJ Stir Fry Willie, Kingfoot, David and Jenny and the Sweet Soul Band, Vanishing Pints, Object Heavy and The Hip Joint.

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