Schlock of the Irish

  • Leprechaun

Sure, you could hit the bars for the annual amateur night that is St. Patrick's Day, guzzling green beer with a sparkly green top hat wobbling on your head. Or you could celebrate Thursday, March 17 the traditional way: by watching Leprechaun, the 1993 cult horror flick about a miniature ginger menace hassling pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston. The holiday horrors (including some terrifying '90s jean shorts) start at 10 p.m. at the Richards' Goat Miniplex ($5, 21 and up).

The unlikely seasonal slasher is a winking cross between Krampus and Chucky, spawning a lucky seven films total (if you include the 2014 reboot Leprechaun: Origins — let's not quibble). The universally panned original stars Warwick Davis, whom you may recognize from Willow or the Harry Potter movies, playing it goofy as a malevolent leprechaun who's set loose by an unwitting kid. He embarks on a gross-out killing spree in search of his — you guessed it — pot 'o gold. And in his path is young Tory, played by fresh-faced Jennifer Aniston, as yet unscathed by gossip or the Pitt-Jolie military-industrial-entertainment complex. As she stalks around in LA Gear sneakers with a shotgun, her hair, as expected, is great. No blarney.

— Jennifer Fumiko Cahill

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