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One cannot live on Kubrick alone. Now and then horror fans need a dose of glossy fake blood, a wiggling rubber mask and late show plotting. And for that we turn to director George Romero, he of the collective Night, Dawn, Day and Land of the Dead. These days you can't swing a chainsaw arm without hitting a zombie, but Romero's cult appeal is built on finding the sweet spot between scary and funny, a giddy mix for those of us who came of age before CG effects. We leaned in for spooky exposition, jumped at corpses lurching from graves and howled at his endless catalogue of decapitation methods.

Revel in the twin geniuses of Romero and author/movie machine Stephen King when their gory, comic-book-themed 1982 collaboration Creepshow plays at the Eureka Theater on Friday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. ($5). The campy, cartoonish dark comedy tells five sleepover-worthy stories and boasts names like Hal Holbrook, Leslie Nielsen, Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau and even King himself hamming it up. And if that's not throwback enough, this Robo-Cat presentation is hosted by caped local legend The Great Razooly. Yes, that one.

Horror nostalgia, cheap popcorn and the proceeds go toward restoring the Art Deco theater. Just don't touch any meteor shit.

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