Can It


  • Photo by Mark McKenna

It has its own museum, it spawned an infamous Monty Python sketch/song (and subsequent musical), and has been added to tech vernacular to mean an unwanted abundance of junk email. You know what we're talking about: SPAM, of course. SPAM, SPAM, lovely SPAM! It's preserved so well in the annals of history (and in its tin can), that it'll remain a staple of kitchen cupboards everywhere for eons. So why shouldn't it have a cook-off in its honor? Exactly. The processed pork product beloved in Hawaii and Guam (and stateside in bomb shelters and beyond) has its day at the Spamley Cup Cook-off at Redwood Fields on Sunday, May 1 from 1 to 4p.m. ($10, free for kids under 12).

You mean there's more to eating SPAM than just frying it up and laying it between two pieces of white bread? Oh yeah. Get ready for sushi, "spalamari," tamales, enchiladas, pizza and more. Local Joes and top chefs roll up their sleeves to compete for best dish using the salty slab of meat. Dishes are judged on amount of SPAM used, presentation, creativity and taste, with the winner receiving accolades, a cash prize and the regal Perpetual Spamley Cup Trophy. In addition to creative and tasty eats, the event features a raffle, silent auction, live music and kid-friendly games, all benefitting Humboldt CASA.

So get out there, rain or shine, and get piggy with it.

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