Don't Swat the Small Stuff



To bee or not to bee? That is the question. Our fuzzy friends have fallen on tough times lately. Bees are pretty darn important in the grand scheme of things and it appears our need and greed may be killing off the little buggers. Thanks to environmentally conscious social media circles, laypeople are learning how to help the precious pollinators by making better big picture choices. We revive weary honeybees with spoonfuls of sugar water and implore our friends to save 'em and not swat 'em. There's a fantastic opportunity to learn more about bees at the Humboldt County Beekeepers Association's third annual BeeFest on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at the Bayside Grange (free admission).

Friday night at 7 p.m. things kick off with biologist/botanist Michael Mesler's slideshow and lecture "Learning to Love the Other Bees: Insights on the Native Bees of California," followed by the film, The Last Beekeeper. Saturday, the hive comes alive from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. with local beekeepers, experts and vendors sharing their wisdom and wares with honey tasting, workshops, a seed exchange and plant show, "A Taste of Honey" art contest, a live honeybee hive and the Honeybee Marketplace. Local author Noni Morton shares stories with the kids, bands Mon Petit Chou, Fingal and Squeezebug keep the vibe lively, and delicious food (thanks, bees!) is available to purchase. Wax on, friends.

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