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On Saturday, Aug. 27, Rohner Park will be awash in micro-brews during the 13th annual Hops in Humboldt from 1 to 5 p.m. ($45, $35 advance, $75 VIP, $10 non-drinkers). A dizzying 35 breweries are slated to pour more than 100 brews into your commemorative cup.

Let's be realistic. This is a deluge of beer against which you have no chance. You are going to get wrecked. Wrecked. Have a plan. Hence the cheap non-drinker pass for your designated driver and the buses to whisk you to and from Eureka and Arcata for a mere $3 each way. Pro tip: Check the schedule before you start sampling. Also be sure to grab your driver's license, leave the kids and pets at home (seriously) and slather yourself with sunscreen. (Nobody wants a Hops burn.)

And now you're ready to soak up the suds and sun. April Moore and the Ranch Party, Angel's Cut and Seventh Street Band play while you sip your way around the field, finally casting your vote for the Taster's Choice award. Along with the steady stream of lambics, porters and IPAs, you can challenge your drinking buddies to a game of Drink-O or beer bottle ring toss. And when it's time for solids, nine food vendors will be there to satisfy your cravings and send you ambling home happy.

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