Cry it Out with Sara Bareilles at the Oscars



Still hurting from all the stars we lost in 2016? Humboldt County lady Sara Bareilles is here to soothe your pain. Well, not here, but in Los Angeles, where the singer, composer and current Broadway star (she's taking a 10-week turn onstage in Waitress, the pie-centric musical she scored) will perform during the In Memoriam segment of the Academy Awards tonight. According to her Twitter feed, she's already getting cozy with the golden boy (see above). No word yet on what song she'll perform but if sitting in my parked car listening to "When She Was Mine" and crying into a wad of Fresh Freeze napkins is any indication, expect tears.

According to Broadway World, along with making us have the feelings we thought 2016 had cut out of us, this performance will put the O in her EGOT performer status. She sang at the Emmy's and with Carole King at the Grammys in 2014, and at the Tony Awards with the cast of Waitress in 2016.

We'll be glued to the red carpet coverage if only to see if someone decides to #AskHerMore β€” Bareilles' song "Brave" was on heavy rotation for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the singer has been openly critical of the Trump administration, posting about transgender kids' rights on Instagram, playing a Washington D.C. Women's March after party, going on Facebook Live to call her congressman and even composing a song imagining former President Barack Obama's perspective on the 2016 election. Watch and listen here.

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