Music Tonight - Wednesday, May 24

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Bob Dylan turns 76 today and that means it's time for the seventh annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash happening at Blue Lake's Mad River Brewery at 5 p.m. Local musician/promoter/engineer/nice guy Chris Parriera has been organizing these tributes so make sure you thank him for all the hard work. I know Bob's voice isn't for everyone, but he, like The Beatles, is an artist who has shaped our realities more than we'll ever really appreciate. Remind me some time to tell you about the last time I was at the Brewery and overheard some college kids saying they "didn't think The Beatles were that good." Let's just say I left mid-beer before making a scene. You'll hear Dylan's songs, and the entirety of Nashville Skyline performed by locals The Detours, Jeff Kelley, Jan Bramlett, Les Scharnberg, Rosalind Parducci, Matt Brody and above-mentioned Parriera. It's a free show, but again, feel free to show your appreciation to these locals paying tribute to one of America's heroes.

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