This Show Sucks


Decades of Humboldt punk flyers at Gallery 424. - MARK MCKENNA
  • Mark McKenna
  • Decades of Humboldt punk flyers at Gallery 424.

While you're out at Arts Alive! looking at ceramics and skateboards tonight, you may want to follow the sound of fuzzy, crunchy guitar to Studio 424 (424 Third St., Eureka) for the Ultra Super Last Minute DIY Punk as F#ck Flyer Show. The small gallery hosts a "haphazard trip down memory lane" for local punk rock aficionados, according to owner and Journal contributing photographer Mark McKenna. Amy May, who secretly hoarded the ephemeral DIY posters over 20 years, kept her collection secret because preserving them was deeply uncool. But lucky for us she got over the shame so we can peruse the walls, trying to remember the shows we saw and, as McKenna remarks, "the ones you're still bummed you missed."

Watch the time-lapse video of 20 years of flyers going up on the walls.

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