Music Tonight: Wednesday, July 12

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Piet Dalmolen is up at the MRB Tap Room doing his loopy solo guitar thing at 6 p.m. for free. He likes beer. Help him out with that. At the same time, don't forget it's also Huckleberry Flint night ... err, I mean "Under the Stars" Night in Dell'Arte's Amphitheater, featuring some bands that aren't Huckleberry Flint and then Huckleberry Flint. Oh, I kid the other bands, you're important, too — it's just that everyone loves HF so much and this is pretty much the only show they play each year. If you want to be as beloved, don't play so much. For you musicians who catch the show, know that Huck Flint has a lot going for them but pay attention to their dynamics — that's what separates the best from the rest. While you lie on the grass, drinking your beer and/or wine, staring at the stars awaiting HF, you'll be treated to the also-awesome Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers and Rogues' Gallery. This is one of the treats of the Folklife Festival and easily worth the $10 ticket price, much less the $7 for members. If you miss this show tonight, just know that you can catch Huck Flint next year at the Folklife Festival this very same night (couldn't help myself). Legends in their own right, Split Lip Rayfield are coming to our fair county tonight and stopping by Humboldt Brews at 9:30 p.m. These fellas have been at it for over two decades and blend together bluegrass, country, punk and metal all together into a hell of a good time. Fans will know this $10 ticket price is a rare deal.

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