Music Tonight: Sunday, Nov. 5


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Uh-oh. What's that low rattle coming from G Street between 10th and 11th? Did a little Godzilla crawl out of the bay to seek the bright lights of our cozy college town? Did those awful yak guys return from a pilgrimage to India with elephants to better harass the dog walking population? Nope! It's another electronic show at the Arcata Theater Lounge with The Floozies bringing their Funk Jesus tour to the stage at 9:30 p.m. ($17). The Lawrence, Kansas, sibling duo of Mark and Matt Hill play live electronic tunes with sounds and samples that reference some of the space-jammed sections of the vinyl notebook of tunes and tricks. Disco dance DJ duo The Funk Hunters fill the bill with electro artist Maddy O'Neal opening.

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