Music Tonight: Monday, Nov. 20



Does anyone remember the movie Swing Kids? That seminal early '90s teen flick in which a post Dead Poet's Society Robert Sean Leonard and future Bateman/Batman Christian Bale process the oppressive grip of the Hitler Youth by surreptitiously swing dancing in Nazi Germany? I haven't seen that film in years but, much like many trends I had hoped were forever dead and rotting on the vine, fascism and martial conformity are back and big these days, and beating them down conventionally can be exhausting. So perhaps take a small break from the battle (but never give up, dammit) and enjoy the ongoing Monday Swing Dance classes offered by Redwood Raks Studio at 7 p.m. with a DJ playing all the jumpin' and jivin' tunes our grandparents swiveled to while obliterating the Nazis ($7 drop in/$20 four night punch-card).

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