Music Tonight: Thursday, Nov. 23


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It's Thanksgiving. And no matter how you feel about this holiday — whether you have the option to gorge with loved ones or you are one of the unmentioned many, stuck on the outside of this family feast day and looking into brighter windows — things tend to freeze up on this day. I can't endorse a live show today because vastly powerful societal mores have deemed this a closed session for nearly all our live music venues. But don't let that stop you from celebrating the spirit of live music. Pick up a guitar and spend 20 minutes learning a meaningful three- or four-chord song. Might I suggest "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotton, "Blowin' in the Wind" by Bob Dylan or that old classic "Louie, Louie?" How about the entire Ramones discography? That would make for some fun sing-alongs for the post-prandial digestion period that too many families waste on football. How about just singing some good songs solo or a cappella with your family, like "Amazing Grace," or "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?" Rejoice and make noise, whether on your own or with kin (which can sometimes feel like being alone, too). Enjoy the day and find music.

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