Music Tonight: Saturday, Dec. 16



This week, Saturday night's alright for psychedelic shows. At 9 p.m. the Jam has the poppy sunset sheen of Paradise Inc. (featuring local gun-for-hire guitar hero Leo Plummer of Object Heavy fame), the cactus, mezcal and clapboard liturgy of Opossum Sun Trail and the jazzy weirdness of Foxtrot ($5).

Roger Ebert had a rule which basically stated that any movie featuring Harry Dean Stanton couldn't be entirely bad. I feel the same way about any local show featuring local treasure Mister Moonbeam but this show at the Siren's Song (also at 9 p.m.) ought to be much better than that. The bill is filled out with Deep Dark Light, the drone and ambient project of the aptly-named Robert Tripp who recently joined White Manna on its European tour playing keys. Headlining will be Die Geister Beschwören (German for "call up the ghosts"), the solo primitive folk project of local night-tripper Oryan Peterson-Jones, who also plays in the psychedelic outfit Datura Blues ($5).

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