Music Tonight: Monday, Dec. 18



Sushi Spot, McKinleyville's busiest restaurant (every time I have ever gone, anyway), has the musical stylings of jazz duo Anemones of the State tonight at 5 p.m. The music is free for those who can catch a table.

Elementary school concerts are fun, as far as memory serves. I might be childless but, as the eldest of three boys, I have fond memories of my younger brothers innocently running through Christmas standbys with their classroom cohorts while I obnoxiously cackled and my mom told me to shut it through her pursed lips. If I ever actually performed at any such function I have pushed that memory far back in the gray cholesterol of my brain. However, I have one magical memory of getting to work the lighting behind the scenes for my fifth grade class' holiday show. Being a kid can sometimes be great. Celebrate that greatness at the Fortuna River Lodge when South Fortuna Elementary puts on its Holiday Concert at 6 p.m. (price TBA).

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